Our wide range of Environmental Consultancy Services include:

Carbon Footprint

Demonstrate to your clients that you are tackling your CO2 emissions seriously through energy reductions and behavioural changes. Are lights and other electrical items being left on unnecessarily? Are the wrong vehicles being used? Could you reduce the number of car journeys?

Strategic sustainability

We work with clients from all sectors to ensure long term environmental, social and economic sustainability through early integration of sustainability considerations in policy, plan and project development. We provide Strategic Sustainability Assessment services and a range of services to support with the identification and implementation of sustainability and climate change solutions for masterplans and projects

Waste Auditing

With landfill tax increasing every year, it is more important than ever to look at waste reduction, recycling and waste segregation. We can look at your current usage of raw materials and the production of waste types in your company.

Energy Auditing

In order to see if you are wasting money and polluting the environment by being inefficient with energy, we can assist you with energy auditing, help you to create an action plan and encourage others in the company to take part.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Our experience in undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and writing Environmental Statements (ES) is extensive. We work with our clients to develop sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges they face and add value to our clients’ businesses by delivering excellence and innovation

Environmental Review

Alongside our accredited Stack Emissions Monitoring and Occupational Hygiene Services, we can offer environmental improvement assistance to aid your business meet its green obligations. The environmental review will give you an idea of how your company is performing environmentally. It outlines areas of improvement and areas where your company is doing well. It is recommended that this is carried out once per year.

Environmental Policy

Does your company need a method of explaining to clients and customers what you do about your environmental impact and what you wish to achieve? Many clients expect companies they employ to demonstrate some form of environmental awareness and show that they are considering the environment with their working practices.

Corporate Governance

We support organizations with the development and implementation of environmental policy and strategy, corporate responsibility, industrial sustainability and environmental management systems (EMS). We work with organizations at all stages of their management system development – from initial environmental review through to ISO14001 and EMAS implementation. We provide clear, action-based advice that improves our clients’ environmental performance.

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Environmental management and sustainability training

Our extensive range of training, led by a team of experts, can help you build skills to effectively manage environmental impacts at your organisation. To make participants aware of how their activities, the materials or products they use and create, can harm the environment. Raising awareness of environmental issues and improving your company’s environmental performance. Providing a simple, flexible and interactive training experience for employees, students, managers etc

Our Health and Safety Consultancy Services

We offer the following Health and Safety Consultancy services to companies who want to take away the hassle of having to do it all themselves:

As well as help with on-site Risk Assessments for a wide range of hazards including:

As an organization, it is the employer’s responsibility, to ensure that Health and Safety policies are fully implemented.

Producing such policies require the appointment of a Competent Person, thus ensuring all the legal Health and Safety requirements are met. By appointing this person, the employer is taking a significant step towards managing the organization’s Health and Safety efficiently. However, without the role, the structure of the organization will be affected.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

CSR involves organisations looking beyond profit and financial gain, to become more responsible and sustainable, which should lead to them having a beneficial impact local and global communities and environments.

There is an increasing demand for organisations to be more open about their activities and greater consumer pressure on organisations that act irresponsibly and participate in unethical business practices. CSR is an important way of demonstrating consideration of social, economic and environmental impacts, and can lead to an increased competitive advantage, increase reputation and build consumer and stakeholder trust.

At BKM, we can help you adopt a more strategic approach to CSR and can provide advice and support to assist you in tackling your CSR challenges, enabling you to become more sustainable.

Our CSR & Sustainability Services include: